version 0.5 – in development


version 0.4 – August 5th, 2014


  • added steve.richardapi.get_video
  • Tweaks to webedit to make it a little easier to use
  • added steve.utils.fetch_videos_from_url

version 0.3 – March 17th, 2014

API Changes

  • steve.richardapi functions changed signatures

    The new functions match the new v2 richard api. These involve sending just an auth token—no more sending an auth token and a username.

  • steve.richardapi.MissingRequiredData changed

    If you were missing data, you could look at the errors attribute of the MissingDataRequired exception for details. That was dumb and difficult. Now it’s just part of the message. So you can do this:

        # do something wrogn
    except MissingRequiredData as exc:
        print exc
  • nixed steve.richardapi.create_category_if_missing

    I think this was causing too many problems. You now have to create the category on the server.

Other Changes

  • bug fixes

version 0.2 – March 17th, 2013

API Changes

  • changed steve.util.verify_json to steve.util.verify_video_data

    The previous function name was a misnomer—it takes a Python dict as an argument and has nothing to do with JSON.

Other Changes

  • added steve.restapi

    Basic REST client to talk to richard instances.

  • added steve.richardapi

    Added the richardapi module which has some functions that make it easier to do richard API things

  • added steve.util.html_to_markdown

    Since richard and pyvideo now use Markdown for summaries and descriptions, it helps to have a converter.

  • added webedit command of awesome

    steve now has a webedit command that lets you edit JSON files in a web-based editor.

version 0.1 – January 13th, 2013

  • First version, so everything is new.

    See documentation for features and how to use it!