There are a few ways to install steve. This document covers them.

Installing a released version

You can install steve using pip:

pip install steve

Installing a bleeding edge version

If you want a bleeding edge version of steve, you can either install with pip from a git url or clone the project and install that.

pip and git urls:

Install like this:

  1. pip install git+

Update like this:

  1. pip install -U git+

git clone and installing from that:

Install like this:

  1. git clone git://
  2. cd steve
  3. python develop

Update like this:

  1. cd steve
  2. git checkout master
  3. git pull --rebase

Installing a Bleeding edge for hacking purposes

If you want to install steve in a way that makes it easy to hack on, do this:

  1. git clone git://
  2. cd steve
  3. virtualenv ./venv/
  4. ./venv/bin/python develop

When you want to use steve from your virtual environment, make sure to activate the virtual environment first. e.g.:

  1. . ./venv/bin/activate
  2. steve-cmd --help

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